Documentary: The Bureau of Digital Sabotage

“Our data can be sold, and our every behavior can become part of a global algorithm.”

Your data or your freedom? – VPRO documentary – 2014

How do we remain in charge of our own data? Are there ways to escape the digital dystopia, where your data tells everything about you? We live in the world after Edward Snowden. The communication of citizens and consumers is widely intercepted and monitored. Your data is being monitored and analyzed, and now even sold.

Laptop-friendly spots to work from in São Paulo

Early on this year, I spent a 7-weeks stint in my hometown, São Paulo after living for a few years overseas. It was great to find a buzzing startup scene. The city has between 1,500 and 2,700 startups in activity. It grew a lot from back in 2010 when I founded guiaCMYK when the whole ecosystem was in its early days.

As a remote worker, I picked a few laptop-friendly places so you can get things done when in São Paulo, taste Brazilian Arabica coffee and experience this intense, crowded, city. Here it goes: Continue reading “Laptop-friendly spots to work from in São Paulo”

How website design can increase conversions and sales

To the majority of entrepreneurs and small business owners, a website ends up being more of a chore, than anything else. They build it, and leave it to take care of their daily hustle. What if your website could be an honest-to-goodness sales machine? A channel to bring you qualified leads, that takes less effort than managing a full sales team? In this article, I’ll be giving you some handy pointers on how website design can help you increase conversions and sales. Continue reading “How website design can increase conversions and sales”