ParkingZen launched!

iconForgot where and when parked your car, right? Avoid fines and save time with the Parking Zen app. After parking just enter how many hours your ticket is valid. That’s it!. You will be notified when its time to move your car (and how to get there quickly) before the city ranger comes. Go for your appointments, shopping and don’t worry about your car anymore. Download now:

How to decide between a responsive website or a native mobile app

At a glance, a responsive website is more affordable, faster to build/publish and helps your website’s search engine visibility. On the other hand, a mobile app offer a better, faster and more personalized experience, with unique functionality like notifications – moreover, you can monetize through in-app purchases, 76 percent of all app marketplace revenues. Your decision depends on company’s mobile priorities.

Lean Lesson Flashback: The Concierge MVP

“The Lean Startup includes a great case study of a startup that used what Eric Ries refers to as the ‘concierge MVP’. The company envisioned a grocery delivery web and mobile application that would suggest particular groceries based on recipes, feature sale items, and allow the customer to order through this app.”